Joined up thinking makes more sense

Bigger businesses face tougher challenges

As a sizeable business ourselves, we understand the pressure to perform that comes with corporate life. We recognise the complexities and risks that cannot be left to chance.

That’s why we develop powerful relationships with our corporate customers. It’s a mutual understanding built on real insight into your business. In turn, this allows us to offer you solutions which help you operate in a way that’s smart and sustainable.

Strategic direction

Our aim is to understand your business and your needs – not just now, but for the future. In this way, we can deliver a tailored service. This ‘joined-up thinking’ is led by your own Strategic Account Director, and delivered by our expert teams. We focus all our resources, market-leading insight and ingenuity on your business. The end result we seek is greater efficiency for your business, reduced risks, lower carbon emissions and overall cost savings.

Flexibility is key

We take an innovate approach to the market. For example, we even predict weather patterns with our own meteorologists. So, we're confident in the accuracy and flexibility of our contracts, and the confidence this gives corporate customers.

But cost is rarely the only parameter to consider. Indeed, it sometimes distracts from more fundamental, strategic issues such as energy use and sustainability.


We don’t simply sell energy. With over 3,500 staff, we’re also one of the country’s leading contractors for electrical, mechanical and infrastructure projects. That’s why we’re uniquely placed to bring new thinking to corporate customers.

Along with exceptional market insight, we can advise you on the latest invest-to-save strategies and the huge cost reductions which can be made. In terms of legislation and health and safety, we have the experience and expertise to ensure you meet your energy-related corporate and social responsibilities.

Finally, we offer you the opportunity to create synergies across the business – integrating energy supply, energy management, bringing together utilities, infrastructure design and build, contracting, maintenance and even telecoms into one seamless, effective, time-saving, money-saving system.

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