Multi Utility Networks

Whether you are looking for a few gas connections or a complete electricity, gas, heat and water network we are here to support and develop a solution for your needs.

Where construction has been carried out by others, we are happy to offer an adoption approach of your gas, water, electricity or heat network providing favourable asset investment.

Where possible, we will invest into your network significantly reducing your construction costs. As your network provider we manage all aspects of safety, communication and delivery through a single point of contact.

By fully exploiting the open market for the provision of new electricity networks and connections throughout England, Wales* and Scotland**, we are able to offer a viable and cost effective alternative to the traditional model of utility procurement through incumbent providers.

Fully equipped to install, own and operate gas infrastructure on new residential, industrial and commercial housing and commercial developments throughout the UK. We also adopt gas networks constructed by utility infrastructure providers.

* Water inset licences are not available in Scotland.
** Electricity networks inside our DNO boundaries are delivered within licensed terms and conditions.

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