Heat Networks

Our Heat division specialises in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the complete heat infrastructure to serve your development. We can assist you with carbon reduction and renewable energy targets. We will take on full “ESCo” responsibility for the management of the infrastructure from the Energy Centre to the customer meter and heat interface unit within the customer’s premises.

Importantly we take full responsibility for customer service and management, including meter reading, 24/7 fault response, billing and accounts and customer debt. We provide guaranteed standards of service backed up by goodwill payments if we fail to meet these. We provide this service through our UK based customer teams.

At the heart of our offer is the district heating network. This delivers heat to customers safely and efficiently. Crucially, this distribution network enables us to select the most appropriate energy source, meeting the relevant planning, commercial or technical drivers for the scheme. It also enables replacement technologies (such as fuel cells) to be installed in the future.

Our 365/24/7 cover, regular programmed inspection, maintenance and contingency planning ensure assets are properly maintained to maximise their lifespan and provide reliable service for our customers.


We can offer a range of technology options including combined heat and power (CHP), biomass boilers and heat pumps to meet the specific requirements of your scheme.
We will work with you to determine the most appropriate technology, or mix of technologies, to employ to meet your key drivers.


We can offer significant capital investment into the scheme based on a long term asset ownership model. We will work with you in an open and transparent way to develop our investment proposals.

As the ESCo provider for the scheme, typically, SSE takes on a number of key risks which would otherwise lie with the client. These include energy price fluctuations, plant failure and, as part of our customer service, customer debt.

Customer service

Our heat and cooling customers are looked after by a dedicated heat customer team which is part of our UK based customer services business. Our customers benefit from our guaranteed standards of performance (which mirror those customers would expect of a regulated, licensed supplier), benchmarked charges for and our customer service.

Our expertise

We have an ever increasing portfolio of schemes with private developers and housing associations and a growing reputation for our open and transparent approach and our ability to deliver.

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