Electricity Networks

We adopt or design, build, own, operate and maintain electricity networks. Whether you need infrastructure for a single connection, a multi utility network for a whole development or high capacity data centre, we’ll provide you with a competitively priced, professional and efficient service. Our investment model can also significantly lower your capital cost.

We now have over 130 out-of-area networks either fully built or under construction. SSE has over 60 years of experience and expertise in this field which demonstrates our ability to deliver projects in line with client expectations.

Design and delivery

As one of the first companies to enter the competitive market for new electricity networks and connections outside of our ‘DNO’ footprint, we have developed extensive experience in design, delivery adoption and ownership of electricity networks throughout the UK.


Depending on the size of the project SSE can provide significant investment into the capital cost of the scheme with flexible terms.

Customer service

  • We guarantee standards of service and performance for end users connected to the network
  • We regulate ‘rental charges’ for customers
  • We provide open access for suppliers and generators to ‘use’ the network
  • We offer freedom of choice of electricity supplier for customers
  • We are backed by an award winning customer service team serving over 10 million customers

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