Sports lighting services

Why choose SSE Enterprise Lighting as your sports facility lighting service provider?

Because we offer you the full range of services - design, project management, installation, electrical connections and maintenance.

Players and spectators alike quite rightly expect a well-lit view of all the action on the court, the pitch, in the pool… wherever it’s taking place. Getting the lighting right is essential, but it can sometimes be a challenge to do so whilst meeting budget, regulatory and safety constraints.

Within sports facility lighting, we have real knowledge and expertise, but also a dedication to creating lighting schemes that aim to add to the enjoyment and safety for participants and viewers whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

You can trust our extensive, end-to-end capabilities to handle every stage of your lighting scheme, from design to installation and connection of all types of sports facility and municipal flood lighting apparatus.

We will work closely with you to design the most effective and sustainable lighting solution. Our approach is tailor made to ensure the correct lighting levels are available for every anticipated use of the facility (including low energy lighting for safe entry and exit), whilst also minimising light pollution and glare.

Throughout, we use safe working methods and implement technological innovations, whilst maintaining optimum lighting for participants and spectators. These innovations include LED white lighting, central management systems and energy saving opportunities through an “Invest to Save” methodology.

Nationwide coverage, local service

With a network of local offices throughout the UK and Ireland, we give you a consistent, local service with direct contacts wherever your facility is located. We can design, install and connect venue lighting schemes on any scale and if required, maintain them on an ongoing basis.

We have created solid partnerships with many other sports and events facilities, built upon honesty, openness and co-operation. We’d welcome the opportunity to do the same with your organisation.

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