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We’re the largest external lighting contractor in Great Britain and Ireland, managing around 1.5 million street lights. We’re also experts in all sorts of specialist lighting and related contracts from sports venues to traffic signals and CCTV solutions. We work for local authorities, developers and private companies, providing a full range of project management, consultancy, design, installation and maintenance solutions.

The scale and depth of our lighting business gives us a unique perspective on lighting. We have the resources and ability to provide tailored lighting solutions for any business or environment.

We can provide a complete lighting services package including maintaining residential and urban street lights and installing traffic routes and sports lighting. We’ll replace lamps that aren’t working, inspect and test lighting columns to ensure they’re safe, and replace aged or damaged columns.

Whatever you require, we can work with you to fully understand your unique requirements and develop an efficient, cost-effective lighting solution that’s right for you.

Our solutions are:

  • effective and sustainable
  • designed with an intelligent, industry leading approach
  • safe, reliable and flexible
  • designed to offer value for money
  • managed by your own responsive and personal contact
  • fully accredited with recognised quality and environmental standards

A commitment to best practice

We’re committed to:

  • achieving energy consumption savings
  • reducing CO2 emissions
  • implementing and benefiting from new technologies
  • reducing maintenance costs
  • improvements to public safety and wellbeing
  • achieving the highest standards in safety

Green services

SSE Enterprise’s vision of a ‘Fit and Forget’ street lighting future will reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Reduced maintenance and longer lamp lifespans mean a reduction in maintenance requirements. Modern street lighting technology is more efficient, flexible and controllable. Our Mayflower Complete Lighting Control System gives you greater control over lighting periods and helps with your energy forecasting. Find out more

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