ICT Energy Optimisation

Using technology to make your ICT more energy efficient

Typically around 12% of energy usage in commercial buildings* is ICT related and, after heating and lighting, it can often be the biggest drain on your resources. In terms of energy management, improving ICT energy efficiency can often make a significant difference to your organisation’s bottom line.

To help drive down your business costs, we’ve combined our energy management expertise with Cisco’s networking knowledge to develop an ICT energy management solution. An efficiency driven program, this solution works server-side to provide energy management for IP connected devices. Its main function is to automatically power-down devices that are not in use, and to monitor power when they are in use.

Our energy management solution allows proactive management of ICT through several means including:

  • Visibility of, and control over PCs, monitors, laptops, servers, VOIP phones, routers, wireless access points, printers and copiers
  • Acess to live data and reporting
  • Active management of your ICT energy usage
  • The ability to align your ICT and energy policies
  • The oppurtunity to develop an ICT plan that improves environmental sustainability

One of the main advantages of this solution is that it does not need to be installed on every machine; it simply sits as additional hardware alongside the main server. This means that there’s no interference to your network or users, and there are no security implications.

This software also allows the creation of customised reports. These help you manage your ICT energy demands and show how soon you can get a return on your investment. Overall, using this ICT energy management solution is the intelligent way to combat excessive energy usage and meet the needs of ICT systems.


*UK Energy Efficiency Best Practices Program; Energy Consumption Guide 19: Energy Use in Offices

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