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At SSE Enterprise, we work hard to save you energy at every opportunity. After all, efficient energy management leads to reduced costs, a smaller carbon footprint, and keeps your operations compliant with government legislation. Not only that, reviewing your energy usage can improve your corporate social responsibility and have a healthy effect on your bottom line.

To help combat excessive energy usage, we’ve harnessed the power of our energy management expertise and have produced energy solutions that help you proactively map, monitor and manage your usage.

Our unique strengths include:

  • Experience with everything from building assessment and installation, to energy monitoring and efficiency management; this can be as simple as producing a thermal chart mapping the heat loss from your building, or as complex as installing a Building Energy Management System (BEMS)
  • Scalable solutions that can be tailored to suit any sector
  • A UK-based Energy Management Centre staffed by engineers who work 24/7 to make sure your building is operating efficiently
  • Expertise across all energy management platforms allowing us to create bespoke solutions to meet the unique needs of each building
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of renewable energy options
  • Experts that can offer advice on finance options

Overall, we make energy management in your building our focus, so you can concentrate on your business. The sections below expand on how your operations could benefit from our services.

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