The ecoPortal acts as a single point of collation for all relevant contract documentation and replaces the need to use any paper based communication. Access rights determine the user visibility of all sites relating to an account (Executive level) or visibility of a single site (Maintenance level). Folder access levels can be set according to role, region and / or specific sites.

Key Features

  • New or changed document alert function
  • Username and password protected access
  • Calendar showing planned maintenance visits
  • Document and software version control
  • Access to previous document and software versions
  • Zip file browser to review the content of packaged downloads
  • Check in/out function for software downloads
  • Full search function for finding misplaced documents
  • Customer document upload area

Key Benefits

  • Central repository for all documentation and software downloads
  • Immediate access to energy and service management data and reports
  • Immediate online access to Building Energy Management System (BEMS) controller and front end software
  • Protection against lost documentation and software assisting disaster recovery planning
  • Essential ingredient for BEMS system management

The ecoPortal holds the following information:

o   Site visits

o   General documentation - contact and site details

o   Project documentation - operational and maintenance (O&M) manuals, commissioning sheets

o   Support documentation

  • Site visit reports
  • Field quotes
  • EcoReview reports
  • EcoAssist reports
  • EcoAnalytics reports

o   Energy documentation - EPC, DEC, ecoMonitor reports

o   BMS software - front end and controller software

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