ecoMonitor is a cloud based tool which gives you real time information on what’s being consumed at any time of the day or night, wherever you are in the world.

This tool can highlight unusual or excessive energy usage and allow you to deal with it instantly using our Remote Energy Management Centre and our team of energy reduction experts.

Understanding how energy is consumed is the obvious starting point for any energy saving initiative. Energy data is collected every half an hour from main and sub-meters giving up to date energy consumption patterns for departments/buildings/sites mapped over time to provide essential energy usage data as it relates to working/operational patterns.

The System is a comprehensive, cloud based Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) package providing analysis of energy consumption, meters and tariffs to aide energy management. The system displays your data in a simple to use, easy to access format and supports a suite of reporting capabilities to focus on driving down energy consumption. Alarms ensure data integrity and the system automatically checks for abnormal data instances and highlights occurrences. Our team within the Energy Management Centre actively monitor data alarms and assist with data correction where possible.

Key Features  

  • 24/7/365 online energy management analysis tools and reports
  • Set energy targets for sites
  • Online project tracker
  • Energy alarms emailed to relevant operational staff
  • Online billing engine for rates and tariffs
  • Tenant billing engine
  • Multi utility support
  • Sub-meter reading verification
  • Availability of site league table e.g. kWh/m2, comparisons to CIBSE data

Key Benefits

  • No site terminal or software to maintain
  • Immediate awareness of high energy consumption via alarms
  • Allows immediate response to changing site or operating conditions
  • Guides identification and implementation of an energy saving strategy
  • Provides essential data for the business case for capital investment
  • Simple to use enabling immediate impact
  • Implementing an aM&T suite will typically lead to 5-10% energy savings

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