How can the finance sector be more green?


SSE Enterprise has teamed up with the Telegraph to investigate the many ways in which energy use can affect the bottom line of British businesses.

Across the UK, there is a growing awareness of the issues surrounding energy efficiency. Energy providers such as SSE Enterprise are helping their customers to adopt practical strategies and to make the most of innovations such as “smart” buildings that can regulate their power use.

Even so, for organisations looking to make their businesses as cost-effective as possible, it is clear that many challenges remain.

For the most recent round-table event in our collaborative campaign, we brought together experts from the UK’s financial sector: Helen Molyneux, director of Cambridge Risk Solutions; Rick Stathers, head of responsible investment at Schroders; Adrian Reed, managing director of Altium; and Colin Sempill, managing director of SSE Enterprise Telecoms.

Among other topics, the experts examined the general public’s misunderstanding of energy use in the financial sector; the concerns that are being prioritised over energy efficiency; and the steps that are being taken by technology giants to reduce the power usage of their data centres.

The discussion was chaired by Rebecca Burn-Callander, the Telegraph’s enterprise editor. Read Rebecca's full report from the finance round table debate.

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