ESOS compliance – Don’t get left behind

ESOS compliance

Up to 10,000 businesses must take urgent action or risk falling foul of new energy efficiency legislation.

All companies employing more than 250 people must carry out an ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) audit by 5 December 2015 or risk sanction by environment agencies.

Despite this looming deadline less than 200 businesses are fully compliant with the new legislation.

With just 13 weeks to go Kevin Greenhorn, Managing Director of SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, says businesses are running out of time to get their audits carried out.

He said: “Companies must act now to be sure they’ll comply before the deadline. This legislation will not just ensure businesses are more energy efficient but could identify significant cost savings to the tune of £1.6bn.

“Good energy management starts with a thorough audit of consumption. There’s then generally a wide range of action companies can take to reduce their overheads and realise significant cost savings.

“Energy management is a crucial part of responsible business practice today – both in terms of the environmental impact and the financial benefits for organisations.

“SSE Enterprise can help support businesses to be smarter about their energy use but time is running out for them to comply so they need to engage an experienced provider like us quickly to get the tailored insights to help optimise their energy efficiency.”

SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions is one of the UK’s leading providers of energy management solutions with clients in retail, education, health and construction sectors.

As one of the only integrated full service companies in the UK it can carry out ESOS audits for business but also support customers to act on its findings.

The ESOS scheme is borne out of the European Union's Energy Efficiency Directive. All UK businesses with more than 250 employees, £40m in annual turnover or a balance sheet of more than £34m are obliged to complete an energy efficiency audit every four years.

The audit must be carried out by a qualified Lead Assessor and reported to the Environment Agency. Failure to undertake an audit could result in a £50,000 fine and daily penalties of £500.

With the deadline approaching time is of the essence, businesses should contact SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions now to work with our dedicated energy experts. Call: 0345 078 3291 or visit


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