Commsworld scores a connectivity hole in one with SSE Enterprise Telecoms

Commsworld internet connectivity

SSE Enterprise Telecoms, the UK’s leading provider of network infrastructure and data centre services, today announced that its scalable network solutions have enabled Commsworld to deliver ultra-reliable and high-capacity internet connectivity to major sporting events and festivals in Scotland over the summer.

In order to guarantee its customers had access to fast and ultra-reliable internet access, Commsworld relied on SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ expertise to increase the capacity of its optical wavelengths quickly, without compromising the quality of the service. The Fluency network now benefits from far greater capacity on its national routes between Edinburgh, London and Manchester. This extra capacity not only accommodates organic growth, it also enables Commsworld to seamlessly cope with peaks in demand from major events without risking network congestion.

“As a company, we have experienced rapid growth in recent years and now supply internet access to a number of leading events across Scotland and beyond,” said Charlie Boisseau, CTO of Commsworld. “Supplying significant bandwidth requirements to festivals and other popular sporting events means that we need flexible optical backhaul providers on-board that can allow us to meet huge peaks in demand without causing network congestion.

“Having worked closely with SSE Enterprise Telecoms for many years, we were confident that scaling our optical network as and when needed would be quick and painless. Indeed, summer 2015 has been an excellent example of how SSE Enterprise Telecoms ticks all of the boxes for us. With one of the most significant Scottish-based sporting events on the calendar and the Edinburgh Festival to contend with, we were able to almost immediately scale two of our major national backhaul connections to deliver the impeccable level of service that our customers have come to expect from us.”

While lead times for higher capacity services can take up to 90 days, SSE Enterprise Telecoms takes pride in beating the industry standard and completed the latest project initiative within just a week, giving Commsworld the confidence that the connectivity requirements of its sporting venue customers would be met in plenty of time. Commsworld is also dedicated to keeping latency as low as is physically possible over its Fluency network, which was also an important factor in its selection of SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ low latency optical networking services.

Boisseau continued: “As for the network team itself, our account director has been excellent, but we can also call on the expertise of SSE Enterprise Telecoms as a whole and so have experienced the best of both worlds when it comes to customer service and delivery.”
“The summer can be a very busy time for any company that counts major sporting events and festivals as clients,” said Colin Sempill, managing director of SSE Enterprise Telecoms. “With our agile network in place, Commsworld can easily accommodate peaks in demand for its services. Indeed, by rapidly scaling the capacity of its major national network connections, it has been able to support one of the most significant events in the sporting calendar this year.”

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