Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Millennium Stadium

With a crowd capacity of 74,500 it’s the home of Welsh rugby, and Welsh football. It has 113 hospitality areas, 22 bars,* 7 restaurants and a fully retractable roof. But the stadium didn’t have efficient lighting – the kind that can deliver 66% more light with a 49% saving in energy costs.

When you draw massive crowds, you need well-lit spaces. That’s essential for health and safety, especially spaces like car parks and operational areas. But lighting accounts for a major part of energy bills in almost every business. That’s why the Millennium Stadium turned to SSE Enterprise for
a lighting solution that was both robust and economical. We’ve installed thousands of bespoke LED lights – raising light levels from 60 to 100 lux and reducing energy costs. These bulbs last much longer than typical ‘low energy’ compact fluorescents, and save time, hassle and cost in maintenance too.

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* From which, during a Wales vs France rugby match, the crowd consumed 77,184 pints of beer

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