Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council case study

Glasgow City Council operates over 700 buildings. Around one third of those are schools, running nearly 20,000 ICT devices. It’s an area of energy use that’s rarely considered. Yet, SSE Enterprise’s pilot project showed a 9% saving – worth £4,500 per week across just 29 schools.

How many ICT devices are being powered in your organisation right now? Even if you know, it’s often unclear how these devices use energy and what impact they have on your energy bills. Devices which seem similar may have different energy profiles, due to age, software overload or malfunction. The expertise of our SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions team utilising Cisco Energy Management products helps customers understand, monitor and optimise the power consumption of a complete ICT estate. Using existing protocols,* our server-side solution creates simple opportunities to make substantial savings – with no impact on the user base.

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* The software is installed on a server. There’s no need to roll out to individual machines.

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