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Ranked as the world’s most influential city, London is an economic and cultural powerhouse.* It’s where 41% of the world’s foreign equities are traded. Around one third of the world’s foreign exchange flows through the UK’s capital. No wonder London needs leading-edge connectivity.

Over £1.5 trillion a day. That’s how much international currency is traded in London. Add in equities, bonds and derivatives and the financial flows become even more mind-boggling. Inevitably, big money means big data. London’s competitiveness as a commercial centre demands lightning fast communications and rock solid reliability. That’s why SSE Enterprise Telecoms has invested in a state-of-the-art optical network service connecting all of London’s leading commercial data centres. With built-in resilience and supported by advanced ROADM technology, we can deliver Ethernet wavelengths between those centres in just seven days – guaranteed! We call it “LIGHTNOW”.

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* The Most Influential Cities in the World 2014.


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